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Electric Vehicle Motors is the Australasian distributor for Advanced DC Motors (USA).

Product Range & Features


* Horsepower - .5 H.P. (.37kW) to 25 H.P. (19 kW) continuous duty rating - up to 100 H.P. (75kW) intermittent duty rating
* Frame Sizes - outside diameter - 4.5" (114mm), 5.5"(140mm), 6.7"(170mm), 8.0"(203mm), 9.1"(231mm)
* Voltage Range - From 12 volts to 144 volts
* Complete Range of Wound Field Construction
* All Product is produced to Class "H" Temperature Ratings


* Sealed Bearings with high temperature grease
* Heavy duty commutator construction
* Heavy duty brass brush boxes
* Stainless steel brush springs
* High temperature brush shunt connection
* Easy brush replacement
* High efficiency die cast aluminum fan
* High efficiency motor (up to a peak efficiency 90%)
* U.L. - Approved
* Motor temperature sensor (optional)
* Motor brush wear indicator (optional)
* Heat treated sand cast aluminum drive and commutator endheads
* Fully impregnated frame and field construction
* Poly-thermaleze coated armature and field coil wire.  Armature impregnated with high temperature polyester varnish

To view the range of models and select the appropriate motor for your application, refer to the Application Guide.

Motor Setup and Wiring Diagram

For instructions on setting up your Advanced DC Motor, plus Warranty information, click here.

A wiring diagram for installing your Advanced DC Motor is available here.

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Our Electric Vehicles

We not only sell motors for electric vehicles, we believe in them! We drive electric vehicles on the road as everyday transport.

To view our vehicles, and see their specifications, click here.

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