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L91-4003 Motor

Suitable for small to medium-size car.

Operating range 72 to 120V
Weight: 37kg
Diameter: 17cm (6.7") Length: 39cm (15.3")

At 72 volts

Continuous rating: 8.7 kw (11.5 hp)
Peak output: 28.5 kw (38.0 hp)

At 96 volts

Continuous rating: 10.3 kw (13.6 hp)
Peak output: 46.5 kw (62.0 hp)

At 120 volts

Continuous rating: 12.0 kw (16.0 hp)
Peak output: 54.0 kw (72.0 hp)

This motor is physically similar to the X91-4001, but wound to give higher speed. Maximum system voltage for this motor is 120V.


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