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EV Components Directory  

In addition to a motor for your electric vehicle, you will need to source a number of other components for your conversion. The main items are controller, battery charger and batteries. To assist you in the search, we have included below a list of suppliers for these components. These businesses are mostly located in the Sydney area, but can supply Australia-wide, either from their Sydney base, or through a network of offices around Australia.

Since not every enthusiast is in a position to do the conversion himself, we also include contact details for a firm which has the experience and capacity to put the conversion together for you.

1. Batteries

A. Drive by Nature - suppliers of Thunder Sky Lithium-ion batteries; also Management system (BMS) and chargers for Thunder Sky batteries.

Contact: Trevor Richards
Phone (07) 4954-0285
Mobile 0423 125 400

B. EV Power - supplier of Thunder Sky lithium batteries; also management system for these cells

C. YHI Power Pty Ltd - suppliers of "Supreme" 6V, 8V and 12V lead-acid batteries, manufactured by Crown in the US. These batteries are euivalent alternatives to Trojan lead-acid.

Contact: Louisa Luo
Phone (02) 9729-2288
Fax: (02) 9729-4066
Email: louisaluo@yhipower.com.au

D. Alco Batteries - suppliers of Trojan 6V, 8V and 12V lead-acid batteries (branches around Australia)

Contact: Mark Lovett
Phone (02) 9637-1544
Mobile 0407 720 021

E. Ryde Battery Company - suppliers of Optima spiral-cell batteries, and US Battery Company lead-acid batteries

Contact: Philip Richards
Phone (02) 9807-3933

2. Management System for Lithium batteries

A. EV Power - management system for Thunder Sky lithium batteries; also hubs for electric-assisted bikes, and other relevant components

B. Drive by Nature - suppliers of Thunder Sky Lithium-ion batteries, and Thunder sky's own Management system (BMS) and chargers

3. Battery Chargers

A. Woods Battery Chargers - suppliers of custom chargers for 48-144 volt systems

Contact: Shaun Woods
Phone (02) 4966-2811

4. Controllers

A. Bylong Industries - suppliers of Curtis "On-Road" electric vehicle controllers and other useful stuff

Phone (02) 9700-1600

5. Construction / Conversion

A. Convert UR car - complete or partial EV conversions. Located in the Sydney metro region.

Contact: Nathan Bolton
Phone (mob): 0417 418 600

B. Drive by Nature - complete EV conversions, or assistance with DIY conversions. Suppliers of a multitude of EV components.

Contact: Trevor Richards
Phone (07) 4954-0285
Mobile 0423 125 400

C. Les Puklowski (formerly Huntington Enterprises)
Offers complete conversion service. Also has converted EVs available for sale from time to time.

Phone: (02) 4587-7371

Please note - the information provided on this page is a guide only. We have first-hand experience with all the above contacts, and we are happy to recommend them. However, Electric Vehicle Motors makes no particular endorsement in respect of any of the above, and takes no responsibility for any consequences arising from the use of their products or services.



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