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Our Vehicles  

Our Electric Vehicles

Here at Electric Vehicle Motors we don't just sell motors for EVs, we really use them! Our electric cars are in use every day as regular transport. We have been using Advanced DC Motors in our EVs for 12 years, and we have never had a problem! We can recommend these motors from the viewpoint of a totally satisfied customer!

Here are some of past and present EVs.

Daihatsu Charade

Converted 1993

In continuous use for 17 years. (Hasn't been to a service station yet!)

Motor: X91-4001

System: 120 Volt

Batteries: Lithium

Top speed: 130 km/h

Range: 80 - 100 km


Mazda Utility

Converted 2001

A ute that accelerates like a sports car!

Motor: FB1-4001

System: 144 Volt

Batteries: Thunder Sky Lithium-ion, 160 amp

Top speed: 130 km/h

Range: 150 - 200 km


Formula "E" Race Car

No longer in existence!

Converted Formula Vee open-wheeler.

Motor: 203-06-4001

System: 144 Volts

Top speed: 180 - 200 km/h


EVs on Display

Daihatsu Charade

Daihatsu Handivan

Suzuki Carry Van


EVs on Display

Daihatsu Charade

Mazda Utility

Suzuki Carry Van


Support for Electric Vehicles

Dedicated parking places with recharging facilities for electric vehicles at a suburban Sydney Woolworths supermarket.


Our Electric Vehicles

We not only sell motors for electric vehicles, we believe in them! We drive electric vehicles on the road as everyday transport.

To view our vehicles, and see their specifications, click here.

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